My unique experience onstage, on camera, hosting live events and facilitating workshop makes me a great choice for your upcoming event.  I bring my extensive knowledge of personal development, health and wellness, along with my enthusiasm and energy to everything I do.  (People tell me it’s contagious!)

I’d love to speak at next event!​

Favourite topics include:

  • From Doubt to Success: How to stress less and get more of what you want out of life
  • My Journey to Success: Why I’m grateful for my autoimmune disease
  • Creating Healthy and Happy Habits
  • Brain Hacks for Finding Your Joy: Building new neural pathways for happiness and freedom
  • Tuning into your Purpose
  • Unleashing Your Creative Potential
  • The Perils of Perfectionism and the Awesomeness of Optimalism
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • The Benefits of Meditation: How to let go of your thought that you can’t meditate and make it a part of your life
  • The Power of Positive Intention: Affirmations vs. Afformations

I can also create a hands-on workshop for your team!

Mes services sont aussi disponibles en français.

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