Six-month 1:1 Coaching for ambitious young professionals and creatives

You don’t need to do it all on your own anymore.


  • Take huge leaps forward in their personal and professional lives in very little time
  • Shift their perspective and mindset to attract abundance, wealth, love and happiness
  • Become the architect of their own experience rather than feeling at the mercy of their thoughts and emotions
  • Gain confidence and drive
  • Generate more income than they ever thought possible
  • Break habits and thought patterns that are holding them back and create new, more empowering ones
  • Authentically share their stories and gifts with the world and attract a huge following
  • Become the bravest, most authentic and most awesome version of themselves!!!


If you trust me and give yourself the space to stop pushing so hard, you’re going to have more of what you want with less effort and more joy.  Over the span of 6 months, here’s what we’ll do to create the path from where you are now to where you want to be:

We start with examining your perceptions of yourself and the world.

  • You’ll take an online attitudinal assessment called the Energy Leadership Index Assessment from the comfort of your own home.
  • We’ll arrange a phone call and do a 1.5 hour debrief, which will provide you with mind-blowing insights on how and why you are the way you are. You’ll learn a ton on how you see yourself and the world under normal circumstances and when you’re stressed.
  • Why? Because you can’t move forward without this knowledge. Awareness is the key to your growth.

We take the results and turn the knowledge we’ve gained into powerful intentions.

  • One of my mentors always said knowledge is not power, it’s only potential power. It’s only powerful if we put it into action.
  • We’ll do a two-hour kick-off session over the phone in which I’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your dreams, goals and motivations and how you’d like to be coached.
  • We’ll envision your future and start make a plan.

We keep the momentum and energy up, getting you closer to your goals one step at a time.

  • Every 2 or 3 weeks, we meet for a coaching session over the phone. They usually run about an hour.
  • You determine the agenda based on your vision for success. This is about taking the time and space to listen to yourself and tune into what you really want.
  • We’ll dive into whatever’s going on for you, uncover what’s holding you back, examine the thought patterns, stories and habits that may be underneath, focus on what you’d like to change or improve, and find creative ways to work toward your goals.
  • I’ll share exercises and tools that will help you along the way. I’m fascinated with brain function and neuroplasticity research, so I’ll share all the brain hacks I know with you!
  • We will come up with intentions and missions for you to accomplish by our next session and a way that you’d like to keep yourself accountable for those actions.
  • By the end of each session, clients often say they you feel greater clarity and inspiration to take action toward the success they want. In other words, you’ll more than likely feel totally jazzed about the changes that are just around the corner for you!


Email Support

Throughout our 6 months together, I am always just an email away if you need a little guidance, encouragement or a celebration of your success!  (Hip hip hooray!)  I may even send you a surprise quote, emoji or pearl of wisdom between sessions to remind you that you’re not alone on this journey and that you’re exactly where you need to be!

Recordings from each of our sessions   

Sometimes, you’ll want to come back to the things we’ve discussed and revisit certain concepts or exercises. So, I’ll share a recording from each session with you so you can come back to them whenever you want.


Your investment in yourself: $2880 + GST in full at the beginning of our work (savings of $120)

Or 5 monthly payments of $600 + GST .


  • Your partner in the detective agency that’s examining your life
  • The person who will help you see beyond the blinders you may or may not know you’re wearing
  • The person who can challenge you to do more than you ever thought possible
  • Your creative ally in designing the life and career you want
  • The person who’s walking right beside you every step of the way

When you are unable to see it, I’ll remind you of what you’ve already accomplished, what you’re capable of, and especially, how awesome you are.

All I ask is that you show up for yourself and give this process 100%. 

If you can trust in the process and yourself, INCREDIBLE and EXTRAORDINARY successes can happen in 6 months, and keep happening for the rest of your life. 

My coaching helps you change the way you think and feel so that you can make sustainable change in your life.

If you’re ready for the next level, it’s just around the corner.

Make the choice to invest in your success.

Mes services sont aussi disponibles en français!

Laura Lussier is one of the most tremendous support systems to work through challenging territory. I was skeptical about the format of virtual coaching sessions, but I was completely incorrect and felt held and a deep sense of understanding in what I shared even over Zoom calls. It felt very easy to get to the deeper roots of what I was working on feeling into with her as she provided a powerful platform space for me to dive from. Never did I feel judged about my dreams, visions, traumas, etc. She is a great listener and is amazing at reflection and recall of exact information of what I shared with her. Continuity is my favourite medicine to feel in human connection and she consistently met me.

I have complete faith that if you work with this human, something you are working on will shift in a very positive and resourcing way.

Iain M.
Artist and Polymath

I searched a long time to find a person that I felt comfortable with because I knew that Life Coaching was going to be an important commitment. When I started the process, I felt like I was in the middle of a storm with all kinds of things out of my reach. Creativity was out of my reach and I lived in a state of loss. Loss of my creativity, loss of control, loss of what made me spark. I felt so disconnected with the person I was presenting in the world.

In speaking with Laura, I felt heard and understood. I naturally trusted her approach because I felt truly listened to. Laura has a way to guide instinctively and be able to tug you towards the best version of you. Working with Laura allowed me to discover what was dormant inside of me and she brought surprising things to light that I would have never addressed. No matter how small the goal, no matter how big the fear and no matter how strong the resistance, she helps draw out that inner strength we all have somewhere inside of us – the strength I needed to reconnect with my authentic self.

Micheline G.
Artist and Teacher

I had been feeling in quite a funk for a while and I decided to seek out coaching. Laura and I had great chemistry from the get-go. I loved her energy and bubbly personality! Laura helped me put words to what I was feeling, she helped me figure out what I needed to help me get out of my funk and create a better understanding of what I need to succeed in the future. She was a great listener and was very patient with me. I've grown so much through the coaching process with Laura - my husband has noticed a huge difference in my attitude and confidence!

Sylvie H.
Mother and Educator

My coaching calls with Laura are always a breath of fresh air—meaning wildly fun and transformational! I know the time I’m making for our sessions is a wise investment and the results have exceeded my expectations. Most recently, we unearthed a lifelong habit of mine, which I thought to be a signature personality quirk, but we discovered that it was actually a coping mechanism that had been adding layers of stress and disorder to my life. My thoughts, feelings and behaviors have changed and the results are truly radical in the best possible ways, personally and professionally. I feel safe and truly seen and valued with Laura; she creates the space to do powerful work and I am so grateful I reached out and signed up. To anyone on the fence: I dare you to go for it! Invite deeper transformation into your own precious life, this work with Laura will astound and inspire you!

Karin E.
Coach and Creative

Committing to coaching with Laura really helped me to shift my perspective in many areas of my life. She guided me through one of the biggest life transitions to date. I was pretty devastated and beaten down. She helped me regain my confidence and move forward successfully in my career and personal life. Her enthusiasm and energy were amazing. She’s an all-around great coach!!!

Jill S.

Working with Laura allowed me to clarify my goals and create steps to take action. During this process, I also discovered inner blocks that were limiting my own growth potential, especially my perceived limitations around making money. After addressing these in our coaching sessions, I started to notice a shift in my money mindset and since then, so many income-generating opportunities have presented themselves to me! It’s incredible! Laura brings a strong intuition and great sense of humor into her coaching practice, which makes working with her inspiring and exciting!

Ashley C.
Adventure and Wellness Coach, Bareroots Coaching

My coaching with Laura began with a conversation we had regarding my happiness after a particularly tough year. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and it was making me sick both mentally and physically. I realized then that I had had this icky feeling building up in me for quite a few years. I felt lost. Like I’d lost myself, my love of life, adventure and fun. I told her I had this overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction. So she offered to help. At first, I thought Life Coaching would be about someone listening to my problems and telling me what to do. I thought: “Geez, this will be great, no pressure on me, that will make decision-making so easy!” However, with Laura’s guidance and patience, I have learned that I need to face my challenges head on, that the answers to my questions are actually inside myself. She has asked me questions I had never thought of before, questions I never wanted to really stop and think about, but that I needed to answer in order to clarify my thoughts and priorities. I see things differently now and take time to analyse situations before reacting. I feel more confident in my choices and am excited about the career change I am planning, excited about the opportunities to come. Merci, Laura!

Alison P.
Artist and Teacher